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Coaches: Make At least $15,000 In Your Coaching Business In The Next 90 Days Guaranteed...

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    YES, Debjani & Arpan!

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    What If You Could Enrol An Extra 2-3 High Paying Clients Each Week With Ease...?

    In just 6 months, we've grown our coaching business from zero to over $30,000 a month with the help of systems & community... And it also worked tremendously for our clients as well...

    Two years ago, we had a serious problem going on with lead generation and client acquisition.

    Without going into the full drama, we basically spent most of our time sending cold DMs to random strangers, with the hope that someone will respond positively to our cold pitch. And that hardly happened for us.

    Phew… we were overwhelmed and were living in a quiet space of desperation because we didn’t know where our next client is coming from and we had fat bills to pay.

    And I still remember there was a time I had only $2 in my bank account... 

    During this difficult time, we were introduced to the power of systems & community that promised us influx of hungry hot leads and predictable client acquisition methodologies.

    We thought to ourselves, "ya right, can this really work?” But when you are desperate enough and have your back against the wall - you’re open to any possibility, no matter what it takes.

    Well, I’ll tell you right now….

    … We’re sooo thankful we did open up our eyes and committed to ourselves to this solution because today - we’ve clients joining our program consistently, we’re able to live a life and build a business that we dreamt of. Because of that decision, our lives & our Business has completely transformed. But I'm going to be upfront.

    We really wanted to change. And we worked really hard to solve it. This wasn’t some magic pill. We spent over $25,000 on training, mentorship, books and events trying to figure out how to make this work. And then almost out of nowhere, we cracked the code...

    For the first time in our lives, we were actually generating influx of hot leads & more importantly, we were turning them into paying clients predictably without having to send cold messages to strangers or spending a ton of money on paid advertisements.

    It felt so liberating.

    All because of one decision we made, in a single moment. We went from feeling sucker-punched in the face by life to living our dream life as business coaches.

    After 6 months of working in the trenches with this exact system & helping our clients grow & scale their coaches business… …We’ve created a new division of our company, where we can ethically guarantee you…

    You’ll make, at minimum, $15,000 in your coaching business with our Seamless Selling System in the next 90 days or less (or we’ll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do)…

    And again, we promise that you’ll make, at minimum, $15,000 in your coaching business with our Seamless Selling System in the next 90 days or less (or we’ll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do)…

    That's pretty INSANE, isn't it?

    So the only difference is that you couldn't get such a guarantee anywhere else...

    Talk soon,

    - Debjani & Arpan

    P.S. If you decide to work with us on your group, here's what we'll focus on...

    #1: Dream Client Attraction Framework™: While most organic lead generation methodologies are slow & unpredictable, we use a proven strategy to help you connect with at least 50 dream clients per day using your Facebook profile.

    Once we've got these people, we're not going to slide in their Dms and start selling to these people.

    Instead we're going to invite them to our client getting Facebook group(which we will help you to start, launch and grow if you're not having one already) and we're going to use our Strategic Content Formula to turn group members into paying clients(you're going to have new leads every single day with our content strategy, that's our pink promise).

    Once you get your first client, we're going to use paid advertising to grow our group quickly with the right people.

    Using paid ads, we’re able to grow our group by 20-40 qualified members each day.

    For every $1 we spend advertising our group, we generate $5 in return.

    You can begin using our ad strategy with as little as $5/day, & then begin to scale after your advertising is profitable.

    #2: Confident Closing System™: While most group owners monetize their groups with sporadic launches & 5-day challenges, we focus on evergreen, daily client acquisition with our group.

    We use our “Confident Closing System™” to convert new group members into high paying clients in just 21 days or less without being weird or salesy.

    Yes you heard it right, we're going to give our exact chat flows, messenger script, call script and our objection handling scripts.

    Using the methodology outlined above, we’ve acquired more than 80 high paying clients in last 6 months, & altogether, we now help our clients enrol clients of their own...

    #3: Leveraged Coaching Model™: Most coaches forget or pay very less attention once a client is acquired because they don't care any more.

    But our model is based on Transforming lives around us.

    So we do what ever we preach.

    So this time we will help you to help your clients win big.

    We're going to work on your offer and pricing together so that it becomes no brainer for your clients to opt in and at the same time you remain profitable.

    Next up, we're going to work on your delivery model and help you craft a 90-day client care plan that's gonna treat your clients like royalty and make them go from "I don't know you" to your best testimonial.

    And lastly, we help you implement our Flight Mode Framework™, which is a step-by-step process of building your second line of leaders that you can implement immediately to build a business that can grow without you.

    So this is how you get predictable leads everyday and clients every week.

    What's next? 

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